• You are a couple facing the possibility of a breakup.
  • You are feeling alone and disconnected in your marriage.
  • You are a couple who sees a rise in the frequency of anger, arguing or negativity.
  • You are a couple who's basic communication is getting more and more difficult. 
  • You are in a relationship where it is harder to trust and you find yourself thinking about cheating, hidden cell phones or texts, or other unexplained behavior.

                                                                                        I'd like to help. I'm Julienne Derichs, 
                                  an experienced Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, 
                                                        and the focus of my practice is working with individuals and couples 
                        of all ages, married or not, teaching couples how to 
                              have a more connected, loving and caring relationship

                                          Let's work together and I can show you how. 
                                      I'll take good care to listen to your needs and work on your goals 
                                      using research based proven techniques that really work.

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You Can Grow Old Together
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During a series of private counseling sessions, you and your partner can develop effective ways 
to resolve conflict, learn understanding, and care for each other 
to get what you need from your relationship.
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